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Mission - Vision


To believe that the usage of renewable energy must be generalized by aspiring the consciousconsumption of our natural resources and prevention of ecocide, to leave a clean and livableworld for future generations; and to carry on all activities to produce an environmentalistproduct with our employees, shareholders and suppliers in line with this mission.


To be one of the leader company, who has the highest market share of it’s sector with innovative,rational, principled and responsible approach.Gesbey has detemined it’s main objective as improve,increase it’s profitability and efficiency with it’s employees, shareholders and suppliers. In line withthis principles, it’s objective is to be a model to other group companies by following the laws andethical rules today and in future, regarding the environment and nature, evaluating humanresources carefully by putting the safety and health first, by improving itself continuously.

Bilgi Toplumu Hizmetleri Gesbey Enerji Türbini Kule Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.