The senior management of GRI Renewable Industries, as an industrial supplier of towers, flanges and castings for the renewable energy sector, on the basis of the company's mission and vision, of its values of honesty, humility, determination and hard work, of principles focusing on customers, people, leadership and sustainability, undertakes by defining different policies and objectives to:

  1. Understand and fulfil the requirements, demands and expectations of CUSTOMERS.
  2. Ensure fulfilment of its VALUES AND PRINCIPLES, to which end a Code of Ethics and Conduct and a Compliance Policy have been implemented.
  3. Respond to the concerns of different STAKEHOLDERS.
  4. Promote the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of attitudes, practices and processes at the company.
  5. Establish coherent and measurable quality, environmental and occupational health and safety OBJECTIVES.
  6. To assess integrated management system through internal and external AUDITS to verify the implementation and effectiveness of the present Policy.
  7. COMPLY WITH LEGISLATION in force in each of the countries where the company operates, as well as other requirements to which the organisation subscribe.
  8. Provide the TRAINING required for the efficient performance of its workers' functions and tasks, always ensuring the safety and health of workers.
  9. Guarantee the existence of direct, two-way COMMUNICATION channels with different audiences.
  10. To demand accountability from SUPPLIERS AND PARTNERS, and compliance with all GRI Renewable Industries criteria.
  11. Contribute to ENERGY EFFICIENCY and advance initiatives to combat climate change by means of the sustainability policy.
  12. Foster environmental awareness to PREVENT POLLUTION and make RATIONAL USE OF RESOURCES.
  13. Adopt the necessary measures to PREVENT AND REDUCE NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS potentially caused by its activity and products throughout their life cycle.
  14. Guarantee application of the Health and Safety policy through the implementation of the 'IPRL' Occupational Risk Prevention Index.
  15. Conduct efficient RISK MANAGEMENT through the implementation of the policy, committee and framework for internal control.
  16. To involve every employee in the occupational health and safety management, according to their own functions and responsibilities. To promote CONSULTATION AND PARTICIPATION of all employees and representatives.
  17. Integrate OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY into all our management processes.
  18. Continually assess the risks associated to each job. To ELIMINATE AVOIDABLE RISKS AND MINIMISE UNAVOIDABLE ONES. Plan, coordinate and implement PREVENTIVE ACTIONS to minimise risk in every workplace. Workplace managers would review the preventive planning.

The contents of this Policy support the implementation of an integrated Management System in accordance with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and EN 1090, and will be distributed at all levels of the organisation, while also being made available to all stakeholders so requesting. The staff of outside companies and any individuals accessing company premises will likewise be required to adopt principles in accordance with those set out in this document.