Employees are the most important source behind the success of Gesbey. As a result of that, placing right person to right job for open positions within the company, is the greatest target of us.

Applications may encounter:

  1. Competency Based Interviews
  2. Group Interviews
  3. Foreign Language Test Exam Aplications
  4. General Ability Tests

The fundamental principles on below are basis on for employees who gains a career opportunity in Gesbey;

  1. To give importance and respect the personality of employees and to protect the material and moral rights of them
  2. To ensure safe working opportunities according to nature of task
  3. To ensure the opportunities for building social relationships and working place as increasing the will to work and capacity of employees
  4. To ensure fair and equal opportunities to employees in terms of working, training and development according to their abilities
  5. To ensure wage and personal rights that encourage the employee to continue to duty without losing interest and efficiency, and that provides finding labor force in the qualifications required for service
  6. To ensure the possibilities to increase the knowledge and experience of employee and to reward successful employee within the bounds of possibility
  7. To inform the employee on time about the issues that he/she concerns, to ensure the participation of employee to management with his/her views and ideas
  8. To ensure the work of employees with the consciousness of cost by being fixed to efficiency and stability principles
  9. To encourage the employee for creative thinking and for new ideas that will contribute to production
  10. To assess the employee in base of equity principles according to objective criteria .

Performance Management

In line with our targets and strategies, our company aims to detect the parts of employees that open for improvement and to contribute in that way by assessing the performances of our employees.

After their trial period, each employee is subjected to performance evaluation by their own managers in anticipated periods. Performance Evaluation System is performed to ensure the increasing of the efficiency of employees at each level by evaluating their efficiency and competence with objective measures; to detect the training needs and to consider their improvements and this system is the base of detecting right people for Company’s Human Resources Policy.

Career Management:

Evaluating the employees at each level, who reaches his/her goals continuously, improves his/her competences, and has willing to take responsiblity; ensuring their improvements; planning their career are our priorities.

Training Policy

Gesbey, performs trainings to contribute personal and occupational improvement of employees. With trainings, it is aimed for employees to reach professional competence, perform their duties better, monitor the developing Technologies and training our future managers in Gesbey.