Gesbey R & D Center, which is the first R & D Center of Turkey in the wind turbine tower production sector, was registered by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology under the Law no 5746 on June 12, 2019.

Gesbey R & D Center, with its staff consisting of young and dynamic researchers and technicians, operates in the following main fields of study:   

  1. Forming processes for wind tower production
  2. Design and productions of equipment required for assembly operations
  3. Process design for lean production purposes, industrial transformation projects
  4. New technology integration efforts
  5. Activities with regard to the training of expert staff who will develop advanced technology in the field

R&D Projects

Patent studies are conducted in innovative equipment projects that provide added value and productivity growth in wind tower production processes.

Customer Cooperations

Gesbey R & D Center, which is aware of the fact that productivity stems from R & D ideas when constant communication with the relevant institutions and individuals is maintained, carry out common studies with its customers. Gesbey, whose know-how has reached an important stage with its experience and know-how, aims to be a co-designer with its customers.

University-Industry Cooperations

With the aim of increasing university-industry collaborations, R & D center encourages its staff to have post graduate and phD degree, and studies are carried out to increase R & D collaborations with universities and faculty members. In addition, it is aimed to participate in seminars, symposiums and congresses and to publish articles in national and international data bases.